How the Law Protects Women from Abusive Marriages

Historically (up to this day), women are very vulnerable to abuses at home, at work, and in the community where they live. Women are seen to be weak and subject to the authority of men, making them prone to abuses. Thanks to the law enacted in the many countries of the world, women are protected from these abuses. The problems surrounding the abuse of women are due to the fact that the law is not often followed by many because of ignorance. Women on the other hand often do not fight for their rights for the same reason. So my post today seeks to let readers know, understand, and respect their rights as women. This is the first step towards protecting them from abuses.


Ignorance from the law excuses no one

Women are most vulnerable to abuses, ironically speaking, inside their marriages. Marriages often insulate men, husbands, from the law knowing that marriage offers them privacy inside the four walls of their home. This often allows abusive spouses to physically, sexually, and emotionally abuse their wives. In this case women need to understand their rights and take a stand form these abuses. Most of the time, women have no one but themselves to stop and resist abuses done inside the home.

Clare’s law

Since 1997 until recently (4 years ago) the rate of violence against women has come down to 67%. Thanks to the law and its enforcement abuses against women, especially inside their homes are now way lower than before. The rolling out of “Clare’s law” is also a testament to the improving protection of women from their partners, possibly husbands in the future. This law allows women to check out the criminal backgrounds of their boyfriends preventing them from making mistakes of having permanent relationships with abusive men. Continue reading

Me and My Family: My Beliefs Mirrors My Roles


My role in my family is widely varied. I am a mother to my kids, a wife to my husband, a provider of basic needs in my household (I work part time for a pharmaceutical company) and an all-around help for anybody in the family who needs my assistance. Some of my friends think I am doing too much but the fact is I love my life and I am empowered by my responsibilities – not hindered at all. No, I am not a feminist in every sense of the word, but I do love to think I am my own woman. However I love to give to my spouse and to my family. I believe this is what sets women apart. We have a good heart, a ready soul to provide and help out.

Equality and my role in the family

I always believe in the power of choice. Women have a choice to pursue their dreams and they should have all the freedom in the world to do just that without feeling guilty of not settling down, raise a family, and grow old taking care of grand kids. I on the other hand chose to marry, pursue a career, and raise kids. This choice does not mean I am restricting myself to the opportunities I can and should go for but I am pursuing things that make me happy and fulfilled. It is not how I was raised or what my immediate society dictated me to do. The life that I live now as a family woman came from a decision. As far as I am concerned my husband and I are equal but I stay home, do some house chores, cook meals, work, and be a good mom and wife. As true as equality should be fought with resolve in today’s modern society, It must also be held true that decisions how to live a woman’s life belongs to the one who bears it.

Why I take on a job: Money talks

Even my husband asks this and my answer remains the same: because I can! I love to work. It gets my brain working and it allows me to go above and beyond the happenings around my house. Sure, my job is helping to pay the bills but that is not the ultimate reason why I work. I am a college degree holder and had a great job before I got married. So I really do not see any reason why I should not. Continue reading

A Woman In The World Of Business: Taking A Stand

One of the most challenging fields for a woman to be in right now is in business. It is still an area dominated by men and even though there are countless reforms already all over the world that is hoped to level the playing field, there are still many challenges that face a female entrepreneur. The good news is there are many women today who are leading the way and proving to themselves and other women out there that it can be done. Regardless of the hardships of being a woman in the world of business, rising to the top is very possible. This new realization among women is positioning them right to get the most out of their entrepreneurial dreams. Folorunsho Alakija is named as the richest woman in the world today who started out in fashion but eventually moved into the oil business. Her company’s worth is seen to be around more than $7 billion. Facebook’s COO, Sheryl Sandberg as well as Denise Coates, Oprah Winfrey, and Liu Xiaomeng are just some of the few women who made it big in today’s world of business.

Women think and do business differently

Women stand out in business not because they are better but because they think and operate differently. In a world where businesses and its boards are mostly steered by men, women can provide a different viewpoint thus leading it to a new route, a different path that often leads to bigger profits. There were studies done that consistently proved that a company led both by men and women are outperforming those who do not have the same gender diversity on its leadership. This proves that women provide an alternative way of doing business which can result to better economic performance. Women should embrace this fact and use it to empower their business. They should take a stand, follow their convictions, and not be bullied by the usual way of doing things. In the world of business, doing something different can change the status quo.


Women inspire other women

Women in business are not only reaping more profits for their own companies. They are also changing society in a bigger sense. How is this so? Female entrepreneurs who made it big serve as an example for other women to follow. If they can do it, why can’t I? This kind of thinking allows more women into business, giving them courage to pursue their dreams and hold on just a little bit longer. Oprah is a media mogul but she does not stop there. In fact her media company is committed towards empowering other women to achieve their dreams and be more in the society. Continue reading

Women and Internet Scams

womentechAs we learn to use the internet efficiently, we become more dependent in the new technology and become more vulnerable to it. We become the victims of our own making. We trust easily and avoid personal connections but tend to rely more on our interpersonal connections in cyberspace. In the case of women, they begin to face a lot of personal issues as they age. Some experience divorce while others have to deal with being alone for life as a single person. The responsibility and burden is even greater for single moms as they face numerous challenges alone. All these contribute to women being the subject of scammers in the internet as they approach them in their most vulnerable moments.

Thus, it is important for women to be aware of the different scams that operate via the web. To name a few, there is currently Home Cash Academy and the Sarah Johnson work from home scam. The scammers will have different strategies to lure you in the trap. But if you are knowledgeable enough, you can steer clear of this nightmare. It is important that you be very strict in your dealings online because their modus operandi are so massive that even the authorities are having a hard time looking for the culprits. YOu can either learn how to identify these scams on your own, or use a service such as the one described in this Home Job Stop review

Romance Scams

Most of the time, romance scams involve the use of fake identity. Most of the data are fallacious – stolen from previous victims that they knew pretty well. The victims are mostly women who are either undergoing crises after their divorce or are in the process of recovering. The aim of the scammers is not only to lie but also to get money from you. The scammers make the most of the arrangement during the courtship period. They have all the sweet words, poems, love letters to send everyday to entice their victims. Most of the pictures in the site are fake and are taken from almost everywhere in the web. The profile pictures are so good to be true that you yourself would start to question if they are for real. Some dating sites also ask for a payment and this could be another scam. Beware of sites that ask for an amount right at the beginning of the transaction.

Identity Theft

The worst experience anyone could ever have is when her identity is stolen and used for more fraudulent activities. Imagine seeing yourself in the internet with your pictures and details and be surprised to see all kinds of complaints for something that you do not have any clue about.

Also, always remember not to give out your social security, credit card and account numbers to anybody. This includes your house number, telephone number, address, and other pertinent details. Make a habit of shredding copies of credit card bills, ATM transaction sheets, bank statements and the like. Avoid replying to unkwown people in your email. Never answer emails from people you don’t know. Always check your financial history in the bank and with your credit cards. If you become a victim don’t hesitate to call the proper authorities.